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View JBT Group’s Rates for Owner-Operators

We endeavour to update this page frequently as our fuel surcharge fluctuates. Please contact us directly to confirm our current rates.

JBT Group offers set rates for each of our four zones. Zone 1 (Blue) encompasses the Midwest region along with much of the South Region. Zone 2 (Purple) encompasses the West Region along with TX, LA, and FL. Zone 3 (Yellow) encompasses the Northeast Region. Zone 4 encompasses all of Canada.


Owner-operators in Zone 1 earn $1.60 per mile.


Owner-operators in Zone 2 earn $1.50 per mile.


Owner-operators in Zone 3 earn $2.00 per mile.

ZONE 4 - GREEN (All of Canada)

Owner-operators in Zone 4 earn $1.50 per mile.

JBT Group prides itself on open and honest communication. We are straight up and transparent. All figures include JBT’s fuel surcharge, which fluctuates over time.

We are actively recruiting a select number of owner-operators in each zone. If you are interested in applying, or would like to learn more about us, you can:

*All rates displayed are accurate for the week of April 17th, 2023. This page will be updated regularly to reflect changes to JBT's fuel surcharge. However, there may be delays from time to time in updating this page. To ensure that you have our current rates, please contact us directly via any of the methods listed above.

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