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Truck Driver by Day, Chef by Night

A chef at heart and a driver by choice, Claus Derisma, also known as The Rig Chef, was the talk of the evening after another successful catering night!

This past weekend, Hazleton Catering hosted Open Mic Night at the Oriental Sports and Entertainment Club in Cambridge.

The evening was filled with endless food and great entertainment from lots of local talent, including JBT truck driver and drummer from The Road Birds, Bill Smith.

Lots of people came out from all surrounding areas, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Toronto to rock out to their favorite tunes! There was everything from soft rock, to Latino and country. Both the food and the music made for an epic night!

Meanwhile, Chef Claus and his team were busy preparing appetizers and entrees for a crowd of more than 75 people. Claus and his sous chef, Paul Chandler, who is an evening employee at JBT, make a great team. They share a passion for food and enjoy exploring new recipes.

All in all, the chefs, the kitchen staff, and all of the entertainment that evening made for a memorable night


We are happy to take part in the hobbies, interests and talents of all our JBT drivers and staff members. The team at JBT is unique and full of extremely talented individuals.

Chef Claus Derisma and Hazleton Catering will be hosting a number of events. Join them at their next catering event on:

Sunday May 10

“Taste is Everything!”

For more information on upcoming events check out our News & Events page.

>>JBT Transport is committed to celebrating the talents of its exceptional truck drivers. Check out our careers page to learn more about what we offer.

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