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The Tide Is Turning – The Opportunity For Change Is Now!

One would think it is safe to say the North America economy is back on track and should maintain itself for the next 3-5 years. Maybe now companies can get back to doing business without the fear that has hovered over our heads throughout “the Crisis”.

The shipper demands and pressure imposed on FTL and LTL carriers creating a chaotic atmosphere to achieve lower rates is over. The conditions of today’s market place afford us the opportunity to breathe; and by breathing we can make decisions based on margins and not fear.

It certainly seems as if all the stars are aligning in favor of climate change and maybe, just maybe, the perfect opportunity for change has arrived. The question is “will carriers exercise discipline?”

JBT Transport Inc. has realized this industry has no leaders and only people and associations playing a leadership role, and for this reason alone, regardless of the rest of the industry, we are committing to making things right by assuming a leadership role where ever we can.

We will remain disciplined and charge for our service – which will enable us to give our drivers and owner-operators a chance at a decent living. After all, the industry is nothing without hard working men and women behind the wheel.

This past fall we introduced a highway over-time system, “Mile and a Half”, which has given our drivers an extra $300 to $500 a month to take home to their loved ones. The rest of our industry can easily adapt to an over-time pay system for highway drivers, and I believe drivers in general should and can demand this from their carriers.

On February 1st, 2015 we’ll proudly announce our new owner operator package base rate of $1.40 and $1.45 per mile. Without a doubt as an Ontario based general freight, cross border carrier, we aim to change and improve conditions once and for-all.

Our goal is to change the atmosphere and climate and to reward and respect our drivers for a job well done. Our governments, associations and the general public may not consider a professional truck driver as skilled. But we at JBT Transport Inc. have no doubt. We understand the time for change is now!


>>Creating a better work environment for truck drivers is a priority for JBT Transport. Contact us today to learn about our values and career opportunities.

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