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The Fab Four: Going Above and Beyond in the Maintenance Shop

Proud, passionate and behind-the-scenes are a few ways to describe JBT Transport’s maintenance team. The Fabulous Four, as we like to call them, is made up of mechanics Dan Wisniewski, Bobby Gimby, apprentice Danny Santos and led by shop manager Jeff Baechler.

Unlike other maintenance shops on the continent, these amazing four go above and beyond. They don’t cut corners and won’t stop until they are completely satisfied with quality and workmanship I’m incredibly proud of the way Jeff runs the shop and the fact that JBT has the lowest shop rates charged to owner-operators.

It is tough out there for an owner-operator and every little bit helps, but The Fab Four take it one step further.  Our mechanics inspect and maintain  all the trucks.  Even though we don’t make money off an oil change, we are able to look the unit over and are completely aware of every detail including tire tread depth.

We are proud of our mechanics and their flexible and accommodating nature with respect to our company drivers as well as our owner-operators. This relationship is a great example of people working and helping each other out for the sake of safety and, ultimately, the success of a company.

There is not a single person at JBT Transport that doesn’t appreciate the work and effort put forth by this incredible unit. And you will not find an individual that has a bad thing to say about any of them as mechanics, co-workers and human beings…that is unless you count the complaints about Danny Santos, who was recently given the nickname “Post Trip Watch Dog” (for reasons that explain themselves).  

Jeff, Dan, Bobby and Danny, we’re proud of the work that you do, but more importantly the human care that you possess. You keep our drivers safe and for that we thank you.

Are you considering a career in the trucking industry? Visit our Job Postings Board and don’t forget to check out our Driver Recognition Program to learn about the amazing people on our team. Your future is here at JBT! 



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