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Thank You to Drivers Everywhere

In this time of uncertainty, confusion and concern we want to send out a formal Thank-you to our drivers and drivers across North America. 

Deemed an essential service last week came as no surprise because we know how much of our daily lives are only available because of truck drivers. Their dedication to the road drives nearly every aspect of the world we live in; amplified now when supplies are short and anxiety is high. 

Our heroes, bringing essentials to our homes and hospitals, food on our tables and medication in our pharmacies, we applaud you. Jobs that take you from your family for weeks at a time are hard 365 days a year, and during a pandemic, those of us at home can’t begin to imagine leaving with so much uncertainty surrounding you. 

We want to send out a reminder to our communities to look out for truck drivers, who may be driving for miles without being able to find a place to eat or rest because of closures disrupting their regular trips. Offer to go through a drive-through for them, suggest places you may know locally that are still open, give them a Thank-you or even just a smile. These times are hard for us all, we don’t know what next month, next week or even tomorrow will bring; we just know that we have to continue to isolate, washing our hands, and passing on kindness where we can. 

Everyone around us is experiencing the same emotions, worried for our families and ourselves. Please try to remember that when going into stores, gas stations, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and anywhere else you may need to visit during this time. Be patient with others, and please as always, be kind to one another. 

To our drivers, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.



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