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Shift into Spring! Stay Safe on the Road While Transitioning out of Winter Driving

So Long to Old Man Winter!

Now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Winter driving can be an arduous task for any driver. Navigating the winter roadways is even more challenging for commercial drivers. Hardworking pros like our team at JBT Transport work tirelessly to operate safely in all conditions.

We are pleased to report that our fleet of experienced drivers performed without any major accidents over the winter driving season.

Westbound Hwy 401 near London Ontario

In the last 12 months,JBT Transport had nearly 80 trucks on the road, rolling for 8,146,521 miles without any major incidents. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our drivers for job well done!

Safety Must be the First Priority for all Drivers in the Transportation Industry Year Round

We are committed to safety at JBT Transport! Now that the spring weather is upon us, it’s easy to take the improved road conditions for granted. We encourage our drivers and all other motorists to be just as alert and prepared while out on the road as they were in the winter. Mother Nature can throw a curve ball when you least expect it! Even through the month of April, there have been a number of snow events in south-western Ontario. Here are a few ideas to keep rolling safely:

  • Keep your cell phone charged and with you at all times

  • Be aware of impending road and weather conditions. Stay tuned to your radio so you can hear what drivers ahead are broadcasting

  • Give other motorists room and set your speed according to the conditions. Wet roads can be just as slick and hazardous as snow covered roads

  • If you should come across extreme weather, find a safe place to stop until the conditions improve

  • Inspect your vehicle to ensure that both truck and trailer and in good condition

  • Always drive according to the hours of service regulations so you are alert and well rested when behind the wheel

According to a report by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, there were more fatalities resulting from crashes involving heavy trucks in the summer and fall months in Canada than in winter and spring. This is quite surprising as one could assume the opposite considering how dreadful the road and weather conditions can be through the winter.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation

It is difficult to determine precisely why there are more fatal incidents in the summer/fall. It’s possible that there are more motorists on the road when the weather is good and perhaps drivers are not using as much caution when road conditions are favourable. The point is that no one is immune from the unexpected whether you are a new or seasoned driver. Be cautious and use the same approach to safety and courteous driving every day, in all conditions.

Once again, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the amazing team of drivers here at JBT Transport for your efforts over the winter months. We encourage you to keep it up and strive to maintain this level of excellence throughout the year!

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