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September is the Month for Trucking Industry Celebrations!

National Trucking Week is around the corner and the team at JBT is getting ready. The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), along with provincial trucking associations will be holding National Trucking Week during the week of September 7-12th.

The goal of National Trucking Week is to raise awareness and promote the trucking industry. It’s an opportunity for everyone involved in the industry to celebrate the hard working individuals and organizations that deliver goods across Canada and the United States.

Associations, carriers, and suppliers join in on the event. You can find activities happening all across the country including: BBQs, contests, giveaways, and events at truck stops and roadside stations. We hope you take part and enjoy the week.

Trucking Industry Facts worth Celebrating

Did you know?

  • The freight industry employs 400,000 men and women in Canada

  • Trucking accounts for over 60% of trade between Canada and the Unites States

  • Canadian for-hire trucking firms carry over 80% of total tonnage shipped intraprovincially

*Statistics from Transport Canada’s 2006 Annual Report.

There’s even more trucking events happening during the month of September:

Brake Safety Week

In addition to the trucking appreciation week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is holding the annual Brake Safety Week campaign to promote commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safe brake operation. During the week of September 7-13th, CMV inspectors will conduct brake inspections on trucks and buses to promote awareness and identify any brakes that are out-of-adjustment.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The following week of September 14-20th is the American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

JBT Transport will be hosting driver appreciation week festivities to thank our dedicated drivers. 



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