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September: A Month to Celebrate Trucking, Appreciate Drivers & Highlight Vehicle Safety

This month marks a number of important occasions in the trucking industry!

Firstly, we are celebrating National Trucking Week here in Canada from September 4-10. This trucking week was launched by the Canadian Trucking Association in partnership with the provincial trucking associations to highlight the significant contributions made by those who work in our industry and literally keep Canada’s economy moving.

Also, September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which was launched by the American Trucking Association and is another fabulous opportunity for carriers to show drivers how much they appreciate their dedication and hard work.

JBT Transport is incredibly grateful to our amazing fleet of drivers and support staff. We are excited to celebrate over the next two weeks with some fun activities, giveaways and special events.

September is also an important time to highlight vehicle safety. From the 11th to 17th, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be conducting Brake Safety Week. Ensure your brakes are in excellent working order as enforcement operations will be set up this month across North America.

We wish everyone a safe and happy September. Now back to the celebrations!



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