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JBT Leads the Way! Ushering the next Generation of Young People into the Trucking Industry

Grade 11 & 12 students attend a workshop hosted by JBT

This week, our outreach team at JBT Transport had the opportunity to connect with youth in our community through Zoom Career Days at Conestoga College. This excellent program is presented by the Business & Education Partnership of Waterloo Region and offers grade 11 & 12 students the chance to take part in a series of interactive workshops that cover a number of employment sectors.

Always keen to stay involved in the community, JBT was pleased to represent Trucking and Transportation at this year’s event. The industry is strong and continues to grow, so we can appreciate how crucial it is to our success to pass the torch and mentor the next generation of trucking professionals.

Leading the workshop was two of JBT’s finest!

Bob Gimby (Mechanic), Jeff Baechler (Lead Mechanic/Shop Manager)

During the workshop, participants were able to experience a JBT Transport truck from the inside out. They also got to hear firsthand what it is like to work in trucking as a licensed mechanic and how to work towards that goal in terms of education, apprenticeship, etc.

A few of the more adventurous students got their hands dirty and changed a tire with the help of our mechanics.

Although it feels like a lifetime ago, I too was once in high school. I can certainly relate to the students with respect to the life choices ahead of them. I was lucky to find my way into the trucking industry, but it was never a career path that anyone presented to me in my formative years.

There are so many terrific and viable jobs to consider in trucking like mechanics, driving, administration, dispatch, logistics, shipping/receiving, and customs to name a few. A program like Zoom Career Days is an important resource and way to give young people some direction and information on possible career choices as they move forward in life. Who knows, perhaps one of these bright young minds will be the next superstar here at JBT Transport!

Interested in a co-op placement at JBT Transport? Email today!

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