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How JBT’s FTL Freight Services are 99% On-Time

At JBT Transport, we take pride in our FTL freight services arriving on time and on schedule.

It is just as important for us to get your shipment delivered on time as it is for you!

We have a great group of experts in dispatch who are dedicated to deliver the best on-time quality FTL freight service. They are continuously planning ahead by allotting enough time for the delivery and utilizing each and every unit to its full potential.

This ensures we meet our goals to provide the most efficient and effective methods of FTL transportation while maintaining quality.

With the use of technology and our top-of-the-line dispatch systems, our team has the capabilities to track and trace each unit numerous times throughout the day. The system also provides excellent communication tools to stay in touch with our professional team of drivers at all times.

The ability to communicate with each other at our finger tips allows everyone to stay up-to-date and gives us the opportunity to be proactive when necessary!

Whether we communicate through email, telephone, or our fleet messaging systems, we are always aware of where your shipment is and the status for its delivery!

In an industry with potential hiccups along the way, the importance of communication during full truckload shipping is clear.

There are many advantages to FTL shipping and being on time is #1 for us! Our professional team is ready to deliver the services you need.

>> JBT Transport is a full-service shipping company that specializes in LTL and FTL freight. If you’re looking for a company to handle your next FTL shipment, contact us today for a quote.

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