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Delivering Hospital Supplies Over Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend, JBT drivers are dedicating their runs to delivering hospital beds in two cities in the USA.

As the concerns of COVID-19 rise, our team has dedicated numerous runs to helping those that need it the most. Delivering 6 beds total this weekend, our drivers will be visiting hospitals in Miami and Chicago to deliver help where they can.

Equipped with protective gear to ensure their safety; our drivers will be delivering an additional 140 loads in the coming weeks to various American hospitals. By working together we will get through this all, our team has expanded from just our yard in Ayr, ON to nationwide and now across North America. We are all united in this battle, from our drivers to the brave doctors and nurses, and all others still working on the front lines in essential services.

We have a responsibility as individuals to do what we can to help stop the spread, for some that means staying home and staying safe and for others, it means being the driving force behind the end of COVID-19. Amidst fear, we are so proud of our drivers and everyone doing their part. We are people helping people, there is no better time to show how important it is to stay united, working toward the same goal. This is our thank-you to all those doing their part.

We are asking everyone to stay home, thank the heroes in your lives and always be kind. We will get through this.

Happy Easter, from your friends at JBT.



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