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Bernie Celebrating 10 Years of Loyal Service at JBT Transport

Bernie Mayer is celebrating his 10 year driving career at JBT Transport today! But that’s not the only milestone he is reaching this year. Later this year, Bernie will have surpassed 32 years in his driving career and is also celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary! Congratulations Bernie on all of your incredible milestones! We wish you all the best and look forward to the years to come!

We had the pleasure of meeting with Bernie on this special day and were able to chat with him about his overall driving career and his career here at JBT Transport. We learned that Bernie loves the freedom of the open road but distastes the amount of rules and regulations associated with the job. We also learned that he favors the open door policy here at JBT Transport and enjoys the availability of our maintenance team and our internal staff! We hope to continue to provide an open and available work environment.

Through our discussion with Bernie, we also learned some great advice that might help any newbie Truck Drivers entering this industry. When asked what advice Bernie would give to new drivers, he replied, look at the industry as a lifestyle rather than a job because if you’re looking at this as a career opportunity the chances are you will not like it. Great advice Bernie! There is no doubt that the trucking life is a lifestyle getting used to. It has its perks but it also has its downfalls depending on what you want out of it.

Thank you again Bernie for all of your hard work and dedication here at JBT Transport. We certainly appreciate everything that you do!


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