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Denis Medeiros

Denis Medeiros

President & CEO 


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519-622-3604, Ext. 224

Denis has been in the industry since 1981, starting as a driver and owner operator for five years. When one day in early 1985, having breakfast at a truck stop in Sawyer Michigan, he listened in on a conversation between two old timers sitting at the table next to him… he realized that the time was now to get out of the truck.

He took on a job as a dispatcher with full intention of learning the business from the ground floor; soon he worked his way up to operations management and eventually upper management.
Content with his knowledge, Denis started JBT on April 18, 1995. With his fleet of 5 highway power units and one local unit, he hit the pavement.
By 1997 he found himself operating a fleet of 246 power units and over 300 employees doing business in Canada, USA and Mexico. Denis went through so many vast changes in regulation and technology and even attitude. His commitment to service and safety embraced by his staff and drivers was always at
the very essence of every detail and every conversation, which remains in-tact today.

Through all the changes and many challenges, Denis has  adapted and succeeded. His general attitude has never wavered. He remains committed to Integrity, Efficiency and Teamwork - since day one. 
Denis is proud of the JBT staff and amazing drivers whom have always operated with dignity and respect. It’s amazing that after all these years of constant change his team has always conformed and performed at the very highest levels with respect for safety and the general public.

Since 1981, it still comes down to a professional human being safely steering “A Wheel Chasing a Mile” to grant us the lifestyle we so enjoy.

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