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Trucking Industry Rallies to Provide Support During Natural Disasters

This year has been a tough one for people across North American and the world. In fact, 2017 came in second as the Worst Hurricane Season in the last 40 years falling behind 2005 which was host to the infamous Hurricane Katrina. Since 1900, 2017 ranked 17th.

But it’s not just hurricanes that have been causing destruction across the globe. Earthquakes, wildfires, and floods have also been prevalent this year and caused insurmountable devastation for those in their paths.

Natural disasters have a history of wreaking havoc on the trucking industry often causing hazardous road conditions that can impact the safety of truck drivers. In severe cases, roads become impassible or completely washed away. But the globe economy is reliant upon trucks to transport food, water, and other necessities during times of need – and truck drivers are there to help.

 There are many examples of trucking companies going above and beyond to help people during their time of need. Here’s a few examples that will keep your faith in humanity (and the goodness of truckers) alive:

Hurricane Harvey

Earlier this summer, Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas with ferocious 130+ mph winds and 50 inches of rain.  More than 30,000 people fled to shelters in Houston.  Houston’s two airports were forced to shut down for three days, which left many people in desperate need of the vital supplies like bottles of water, loaves of bread, and diapers.

Thank God for truckers. As Wired Magazine put it, “There to defy the impossible are the truck drivers, who are eager to work, even when roads have flooded, even when power lines are down, even when warehouses and distribution centers may be damaged or inaccessible.”

Hurricane Harvey Receives Disaster Relief

Truckers volunteered their time and services to assist FEMA to haul provisions like medical supplies, ready-to-eat meals, and tarps. The state of emergency also lifted restrictions on the weight a truck could haul and how long a driver could spend on the road if carrying life-saving supplies.

While Hurricane Harvey may be over, the devastation left in its wake is ongoing and trucking companies are still trying to do their best to help. Earlier this week, an Idaho trucking company partnered with the United Way to pack a truck and send it down with necessary supplies for Harvey’s victims.

Montana Wildfires

While some parts of North America are dealing with immense flooding, other parts have been scorched by devastating wildfires. Montana has taken a beating after severe droughts created ideal conditions for wildfires to do their damage.

And as we’ve seen already, when people are in need, truckers will be there to lend a hand.



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