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3 Tactics to Successfully Transport Dry Goods

The transportation of goods across Canada and the United States is one of the largest and most relied on industries in North America.

As a strong consumer society, the demand for dry goods shipping is continuously increasing making this an essential industry. Thousands of trucks are driving up and down the highways everyday transporting a variety of products for both business and consumers.

So we ask ourselves, how all of this freight is transported successfully. Among a professionally managed and well-coordinated organization, there are three important tactics to successfully transport dry goods.  

Vehicle Maintenance and Upkeep

Vehicle maintenance and upkeep is important in delivering your shipment safely and securely.

It is the responsibility of the maintenance team to make sure that the truck is structurally reliable and fit for every trip to ensure that there is very little chance of a breakdown. At JBT, we are proud of the work of our maintenance team. They go above and beyond to ensure that every piece of equipment is in exceptional working condition and road ready.

Numerous things could go wrong if a truck is not thoroughly checked, which can cause serious delays. Therefore, it is important to both maintain every power unit as well as keep them clean and tidy for every shipment.

Communication is Key

The key to a successful freight transport company is communication. Great communication allows the operations team to guide the driver to deliver the most effective and reliable service. It also allows the driver to stay in touch and alert the team immediately if any problems arise during the delivery.

Any loss of communication could delay a delivery or result in an unsafe arrival of goods.

Effective communication is very important and can be done in multiple forms, including: the use of GPS technology, cell phones (hands free when driving) or email.

At JBT we use a combination of all three. Every unit is equipped with a satellite system allowing us to keep in contact daily and navigate where the shipment is at all times. After hours, we typically communicate through email and phone if any problems arise.

Proper Storage of Goods

Proper storage of dry goods is important to ensure that the shipment is kept properly in the truck.  In order to avoid any damages during delivery, it is important that shipments are strapped down and secure at all times. It is also important to ensure that refrigerated loads are kept at the right temperature and that there is enough fuel to keep those units cool. Whether the shipment is being warehoused or is in transit it should be stored safely and securely.

>> Safely shipping dry goods on time is one of JBT Transport’s specialties. Contact us today to learn more or organize a shipment.

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